Red Mountain Estate
Vineyard & Winery

One Of The Best Place
In Myanmar To Relax & Enjoy

About Red Mountain Estate
Vineyard & Winery

One Of The Best Places In Myanmar To Relax & Enjoy

Our Beginning

Red Mountain Estate is located in Southern Shan State of Myanmar. Our Estate overlooks the magnificent Inle Lake, renowned for its biodiversity and mass-production of agriculture commodities in Myanmar. In 2003, Red Mountain imported over 400,000 vines from France, Spain and Israel to plant in our Vineyard. Two neighboring plantation sites were carefully selected based on required condition of the perfect microclimate of cool nights and sunny days during the harvesting cycle. The combined size of both vineyards are 185 acres.

Red Mountain Estate is proud to be one of the only 2 prime wineries in Myanmar and we also pride ourselves in being a 100% Myanmar product.


Our wines are premium-guaranteed and are produced using the highest quality grapes that are grown in our vineyards


Our History

We wouldn’t be able to serve you best without our humble beginnings. Learn more and get inspired.

Our Team

Know about the people who made Red Mountain Estate Vineyard & Winery Myanmar at its best.

Our Locations

Red Mountain Estate Myanmar is situated in the town of Taung Chay, a lively vibrant town full of friendly locals. This invigorating and calming place makes our wines more tasteful and exceptional because of its natural and pollution-free ambiance. Our famous restaurant has one of the most beautiful scenic viewpoints around the area which will truly captivate your heart while enjoying a glass of our wine and munching on some delectable dishes.